Quantum Computer Built by the Chinese


photo from science news.org

Rafael Perez, Staff

Technology has been an important part of our lives. From phones to computers, It facilitates everything we do from sending a message or finding out information. According to The University Of Rhode Island, the first computer was made in 1946 and was called the ENIAC. This computer occupied 1,800 square feet. Today, computers can be so small a person can hold them in your hands. The Chinese are now making a revolutionary quantum computer. A quantum computers is made to solve complex or long problems much faster than a normal computers. Not only does it take a great deal of resources, it also costs a fortune.


According to NewsWeek, Google engineers have made a quantum computer that can perform a calculation in 200 seconds. This calculation would take a normal computer 10,000 years. This is extremely impressive and helpful. It can input or output any information from the world in a flash. Even with the qualities of a quantum computer, it can be used for bad purposes. China’s big investment is helping them to catch up with the U.S research in the quantum  field and could possibly be ahead also. NewsWeek also mentioned that if China made a computer with that much power, they will be able to get into the U.S communications and gain access to the USA intelligence data with ease. Since we dont have the sort of technology, it won’t be easy to evade any attacks made. China and the USA have been neck and neck with their technological advancements. If the U.S can create a quantum computer on their own then it wouldn’t be much of a threat if the Chinease has one too.


As long as humanity stands, technology will advance. It will only get better and faster as time passes. Soon humanity will have the same quantum technology Back in the day, a super computer was just as powerful or less powerful than your current phone. The real question is if this type of technology will lead to our demise or if we will strive as a whole.