Winter Sports Are Right Around the Corner

Rafael Perez, Staff Writer

     With fall coming to an end, winter approaches and so do winter sports. Winter sports are a great way to stay fit while it’s cold outside. According to, some winter sports can include, snowboarding, skiing of all types, cross-country, Ice hockey, and track. Winter sports offer benefits that summer sports can’t provide for example, winter sports offer lots of vitamin D. People in the summer are still exposed to sunlight and get vitamin D but also in the winter as well. The sunlight in the winter will cause your body to make vitamin D regardless. This will strengthen your bones, but your muscles as well. Not only that but staying fit during the winter is also very important for your health.  People that don’t participate in winter sports miss out on improving their immune systems, improving their overall moods, and burning more calories. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can workout or play a sport.


     Parkland High School’s first day of winter sports is Monday, November 18.  In the winter, Parkland offers basketball for girls with Mr. Edward Ohlson, basketball for boys with Mr. Andy Stephens, winter track with Mr. Ott, swimming and diving with Mr. Rob Robitaille, and also wrestling with Jon Trenge. Students can not participate however without a full PIAA physical. These will be will be held on Saturday, October 19 at Parkland High School. Also all student athletes must get an ImPACT test at least once during their 4 years at Parkland High School. Winter sports are an excellent way to get exercise during the winter. As long as you stay warm, you’ll have fun.



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