Arctic Blast Hits The Eastern Half

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Rafael Perez, Staff Member

A cold rush of freezing air is going across the eastern half of the nation. With it, it’s bringing lots of snow and is reaching coldest weather records in some places. According to the Washington Post, in some locations, the temperatures have dropped to 15 to 30 degrees below average. They also said that tens of millions of people will be affected and that the cold air will come suddenly. This means that freezing cold air could hit us in the near future fast.

 It is crucial to prepare for such a blast. People should be well equipped with warm clothes and plenty of food. CNN said that 70% of the country will be experiencing freezing cold temperatures throughout the week. This should not be taken lightly, and is a dangerous problem. Extreme cold weather can lead to many health problems, and can also, in some cases, cause death.

 Not only is it cold, but the road conditions are deadly as well. Icey and or slippery road ways can cause many accidents and long traffic jams that can last for countess of hours. Unfortunately, four people have died on the road so far, two women and a man from Michigan and an eight year old girl from Kansas. It’s not a joke so be prepared and stay warm for what can come in the near future.