Parkland’s New Year Resolutions

Jen Hernandez, Editor of Entertainment and Features

As the new year settles in, many Americans take part in the tradition of beginning a new positive practice, changing a negative trait, accomplishing a personal goal, or simply improving their lives. A new year’s resolution is most common in the Western and parts of the Eastern Hemisphere; it is a decision to do or not do something to reach a goal or break a habit. Parkland’s very own students and staff made their resolutions and here they are:


Nate Carrasco: “To graduate and get out of Pennsylvania.”


Jeanne Boateng: “To not have to take finals.”


Tyler Bartman: “To be nicer to my friends.”


Aidan Kingdom: “To learn how to hula hoop.”


Ashlyn Cope: “Learn to love my life and the people in it.”


Rush Jimenez: “To choose a career path.”


Jonathan Guth: “To do my homework.”


Megumi Takahashi: “To de-stress.”


Mrs. Fastenberg: “To get more sleep.”


Mrs. Abdelaal: “To live in the moment.” 


Ultimately, making a New Year’s resolution is a wonderful idea, as it means taking time to evaluate life over the past year and figure out what one would like to see change during the upcoming year.