Devastating Wildfire in Australia

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Rafael Perez, Staff Writer

The Australian wildfires have been devastating to the country. Not only has the economy declined but the environment has gotten a negative impact and so has the community. More than 14.7 million acres have been burned across the country and according to CNN, “That’s larger than the countries of Belgium and Haiti combined. About 1,300 house has been destroyed and left families homeless.” CNN has also said that just as of Sunday January 2020, 2,700 firefighters has been sent to battle the blaze. Australian army reserves have also been sent to help with the fire as well. 

The fires are affecting the community, and the environment as well. About 480 million animals have died in the fires. That amount of animals that have died to the blaze is unfortunate and could make some species extinct that are solely found native to Australia. The Australian government is trying to do everything to contain the blaze but its growing faster and faster. The disaster has been going around the media and has received a great deal of attention. Because of this, other programs and efforts are being made to help with the cause. Together we can help Australia pick itself from its feet and move on from this unfortunate disaster.

It is crucial to help with such a disaster if people can. Any kind of help such as donations can truly make a difference. Whenever there is a disaster, emergency, or crisis, The Australian Red Cross can always make a positive impact. However sites such as GIVIT or The Australian Salvation Army can also provide help. Together we can help Australia pick itself up from its feet.