The Coronavirus Has Spread Outside China

Rafael Perez, Staff Writer

The Wuhan coronavirus has been sickening thousands of people and unfortunately killing people in China. According to CNN, the coronavirus has killed at least 80 people in China. There have been five confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the United States. The Wuhan coronavirus is from a large group of viruses and originates from animals that are sick. 

The virus gives you pneumonia and people that get sick have bad coughs and problems breathing. In extreme cases, it can lead to organ failure. Recovery depends on one’s immune system. Victims with poor health have a hard time recovering. There is no specific treatment, so it is up to oneself to beat the virus. 

Wuhan and other cities in China are going on lockdowns to try to decrease the spread of the virus. Any measures are being taken place to reduce the spread. The virus is spread through people coughing, contaminated surfaces or fecal matter, and also by close personal contact. To prevent the virus, people should wash their hands more, avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth when hands aren’t washed, and avoid people who have the virus.


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