Winter Sports Senior Nights


Photo by Yearbook

Maddi Haines, Staff

January 31st was senior night for boys Varsity Basketball,Girls Varsity Basketball,  Varsity Cheerleading and the senior Dance Team members. All of the seniors were announced at the Varsity basketball game and the college they were planning on intending. Each senior student received flowers and was accompanied by their parents and family members on the court. They each were congratulated on their success in their sport and praised for their hard work by the crowd. The following are all of the seniors in each sport that were thanked for their dedication to Parkland High School athletics. 


 Girls Varsity Basketball

Mia Coval 

Ashlyn Fritzinger 

Jada Rodriguez 


Boys Varsity Basketball

Vincent Gerbasio 

Jared Kucharczuk

Christopher Lessel

Jacob Melady

Abigail Mirth (Team Manager)

Ja-lon Perkins

Nicholas Rappa 

Dylan Rhoads 


Varsity Cheerleading

Madison Gagge 

Veronica Paulino

Madison Troxell 


Varsity Dance Team

Mary Powell 

Ashley Molchany 

Caroline Steirer

Victoria Roecker 

Paulina Pitera 

Lauren Buchanan 

Sarah Lang 

Alyssa Bartczak