Sticky Note Art has Infiltrated Parkland High

Madison Haines and Danica Harf

The National Art Honors Society (NAHS) hopes to gain recognition in the form of Post-It pictures found throughout the school. The images they created include classical artworks such as The Mona Lisa or pictures with a Super Mario Bros theme. 

President of the National Art Honors Society Julia Lundy explains the purpose of these works of art.

“We found the idea on Pinterest,” Julia Lundi explained, “last year we did something similar with masking tape, and we wanted to follow that up.” 

The NAHS also is hoping the sticky notes will gain them some recognition.

“I hope that people see it and think it’s cool,” says Julia. 

Junior Lucas Farabaugh is not involved in the arts at Parkland, but after having seen the sticky notes, he said that the sticky note artwork was “Inspired and he was not aware that NAHS was a thing, it is different and makes you take a double take.”