Samsung’s Releasing Its Foldable Phone in 2020

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Rafael Perez, Staff Writer

        The Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung’s latest phone and as the name implies, it’s a foldable phone. Just like a phone back in the day, it has hinges that allows the phone to fold over. The phone is priced at a high $1,380, which is much higher than your typical phone price. According to CNBC, there is no real benefit of a foldable phone. It’s mostly for show. Many people despise the new phone because of the over the top price. The phone has sharp images but it looks like any other modern phone. There is a light crease going across the phone because of the fold and people don’t like that either. Samsung said that people should handle the screen with care too because it can be delicate. The new phone is also able to be propped up on a surface. This allows you to just set it and watch anything. The problem with this however is that the video can be too small to watch and you could always use a regular phone with something behind it to do the same job. The Galaxy Z Flip though takes good pictures and has wide and ultra-wide angles. All in all, the phone has mixed reviews but also has new features added.