Sandstorms Hit The Canary Islands

Rafael Perez, Staff Member

This Monday morning , a sandstorm due to strong winds in the Sahara desert hit the Canary Islands. The sandstorm is named “ La Carma” and blew massive amounts of dust and sand across the region. According to CNN, “because of this, planes could not take off and airports were shut down”. This disrupted many plane trips and people were forced to stay on the Island due to the sandstorm. Thousands of people were left stranded across the Canaries due to the sandstorms and heavy winds. Their government has issued an alert and has told people to stay indoors and avoid travel because it’s too dangerous. The sandstorm is so massive that it is seen even as high up as space. Spain’s national weather service forecast said that there has been winds that reach up to 75 mph in the Canary Islands. The best thing people can do currently is to avoid leaving the house unless of an emergency and let the storm pass by. The sandstorm can last a short time period or a long one, it all varies.