Gamers Prepare For the Release of New Gaming Consoles


Photo from tech radar

Mason Todora, Staff Writer

     New gaming consoles coming in future years will make resounding impacts on the ever-increasing industry. The Xbox Series X and the PS5 are both set to release sometime this year, most likely over the holiday season. Each system brings ultra-modern features that will revolutionize the way that people play. According to “The graphics for each console are expected to be 4 times as well as the previous generation.” Many gamers also enjoy the concept of backwards compatibility. Backwards compatibility is the process of using old games on disc for an older system and using it on a newer one. This enhances the graphics of old games and luckily, it’s found on both consoles. Although the price is not set in stone, buyers could expect them to cost anywhere from 400-500 dollars. Both gaming systems are strikingly similar and should be examined thoroughly by anyone who is interested before purchasing.