Is Love Truly Blind?


Photo taken by Mason Todora

Mason Todora, Staff Writer

Netflix has been on a roll with new and amazing shows that are very binge-worthy. Among the top shows, the reality show, Love is Blind, takes the cake. Contestants on this show are there to find love. They all date each other to see who they like the most. The whole purpose behind the show is to marry the person you connect and fall in love with the most. But there’s a catch: the contestants are not allowed to see each other until they are engaged. Once they are engaged they go on a series of trips to see if they are meant to be. In the first season, they went to Mexico as a honeymoon getaway and shortly after went to see if they could live together. After passing the first two rounds of Mexico and attempting to live together, the lovebirds get a chance to meet each other’s families in hopes of being accepted by them. All of the stages present many obstacles for the contestants to get through. When they first see them, sometimes they aren’t physically attracted to each other which can quickly break the engagement. Also, understandably so, the families can be unaccepting of the idea of getting engaged after two weeks of meeting. The show is incredible and will leave anyone glued to their TV for hours.