Celebrity John Krasinski creates “Some Good News”

Photo imported from Straight.com

Photo imported from Straight.com

Maddi Haines, Staff

Actor John Krasinski has brought a little light into our lives in this trying time with his new at home news channel, SGN-”Some Good News”. The title speaks for itself when his videos only present good news to viewers. 

John Krasinski started his own mini TV series on March 29th, 2020 as a show that during this world wide pandemic you could resort to for the good news happening in the world. Since the first episode, he has made a new broadcast once a week, each with different storylines and different stories of people being kind, brave, and coming together in a time where we feel so far apart. 

In his first episode he shared a video of a  teenage girl getting released from the hospital from her last chemotherapy session. Her neighbors, family, and friends paraded around her neighborhood with signs so she felt special even though she, among everyone else, was in isolation. Each episode brings a little good news to your day which has never been so crucial as it is today.