Hope Shown in Hard Times

Photo from Dezeen.com.

Photo from Dezeen.com.

Abby Shurman, Staff

Although the Coronavirus pandemic is innately bad, it has brought our country together as a people.  Many individuals, families, communities and local organizations have taken it upon themselves to help however they can.  

East Stroudsburg University converted their field house into a makeshift hospital in efforts to relieve the increasing number of new Coronavirus patients and help prevent further infections.

Local eateries such as the Copperhead Grill are providing relief to doctors by offering free hot meals with their “feed the first” initiative.  Through this program customers are allowed to order food and choose a healthcare worker to donate it to.

Due to the lack of medical grade masks, many citizens are taking initiative to make their own masks. Sewing is one of the ways the masks are made however many people have been getting creative with their materials and mechanics.  Some have gone as far as using a cooking pot lid and a sweatshirt with a hood. As long as these funky masks are helping flatten the curve, these outrageous styles of protection are welcomed.

Many people are not letting the social distancing orders get them down, many people including one of Parkland’s very own elementary schools had a parade in which they decorated their cars and drove around honking their horns and waving to local neighborhoods.  Many people have also done this as a form of celebration for events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Some other ways not only our community, but our country as a whole has unified is through Zoom and Facetime calls.  This way of communicating can be used to catch up with family and friends, observe religious holidays, and participate in online town hall meetings for concerned citizens.