How Major Sports Organizations Are Handling the Coronavirus Outbreak

Jake Wiener, Sports Editor/Business Ad Manager


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     One of the major impacts of the coronavirus outbreak was the postponement of the sports seasons for most sports organizations. The NBA was the first to announce that their season will be delayed after some of the players had tested positive for the virus. After this announcement, many of the other major sports organizations followed the NBA’s concern and decided to go on hiatus and delay the remainder of the season.

While nothing is definite there have been talks of resuming some of the sports seasons this summer, but without fans. There was a proposal to resume the rest of the NBA season in late June, according to the league’s commissioner Adam Silver. They would continue the season throughout the summer and the next season would start in late December as opposed to late October. According to USA Today, the MLB may start its season in late June as well, realigning the divisions based on geography. Each of the 3 divisions would have 10 teams, abolishing the National and American Leagues. While these ideas are carefully throughout, nothing is definite in how the sports seasons will pan out.