The Mass Adoption of the Class of 2020


photo taken by Christian Dzema

Christian Dzema, Staff Writer

In light of recent events, Parkland  parents took matters into their own hands and utilized social media to set up “ Adopt a Senior” which gives goodie bags to the seniors of Parkland High School.  Parents will join a group on the social media app, Facebook and upload a photo or collage of pictures onto his/her Facebook account with a small paragraph of the achievements of his/her child throughout his/her high school career. Many of the students at Parkland High School are grateful for this small act of kindness and found the act of kindness to brighten up his/her day. 

 Senior Jordan Costello recalls that she “came home from work one night to find a basket of treats and gift cards on my porch along with my mom camera ready and beaming.” The card had a message of something along the lines of “hope we could brighten up your day! love, the Hendrix family!” Upon going through the basket of goods, the Hendrix family had given Costello a target gift card, a chick fil a gift card, and a bunch of her favorite candy.  

Costello goes on to state that “ the whole idea of it amazes me because it was started by parents and so many of the seniors have received baskets  to make their year a little better. Even though we’re not in school it’s amazing to see how many people want to help provide us with some sort of senior experience and cheer us up through this tough time. It’s definitely really cool to see how the community bonded together to put a smile on our faces!” 

Jordan Costello is one of hundreds of students whose family and friends have helped create something special for their loved one. This trend is totally parent operated and is just one way Parkland is maintaining its school spirit and pride.