Quarantine Quarrells Solved

Casey Tremblay, Co-Editor in Chief/Online Manager

Welcome to week eight of quarantine, we have all lost it. We wake up every morning unaware of what day it is and reliving the same routine for 50 some days now. At this point we would all do anything to go to the mall, the movies, a concert; we’d even go back to school. We miss our family members who are too weak to visit and feel anxious about when this will all be over. 

For the Aries, Taurus and Gemini–  The thought of being forced into quarantine birthdays over zoom, car meetings, or just spending a nice day with their family seemed terrible. I can say from experience it was a very humbling moment of quarantine. With few stories open and family members out of work there were little physical presents given but many with the heart. For the first day since social isolation began I felt warm and fuzzy on the inside. I cultivated a gratitude for the little things in life waking up in the morning, having a home to live in with my family, having siblings and a dog. That gratitude will never leave me. I learned how important family really is. A birthday with just cake iced with love was the best birthday I never would have seen coming. 

For the folks that love physical activity– Yes, spring sports are called but nature isn’t. Take a walk, go for a run, do yoga in the yard with your dog. The best way to get out the stuckness that is our new daily routines is to spice up your day. Try a day with a phone or TV and you will quickly find out that there is more to life than saying you’re bored while you watch tik-tok for three hours. Wake up early enough to go hiking before the trails are crowded.

The creative minds that have gone clinically insane– Home Depot and Lowes are essential stores. Go buy some paint, give your room the razzle dazzle it needs. Re-vamp your fire pit outside with new rocks, a comfier location. Start keeping a journal, make it colorful, add pictures, have goals, and successes written in there.

Those looking to learn New Skills- The best time for you is now. Stuck in the house you can only find time to prosper. Dig out your mom’s sewing machine, turn on youtube and find some ways to revive old clothes. Learn to cook, pinterest some healthy meals for beginner cookers. Order Hello Fresh to your door, it comes with food and a recipe. Have a piano, guitar, drum set you’ve never touched? How about the instrument you played for a year in elementary school? Learn to play them, instrumental talents are very unique. They are also a  good trick to pull out around your new fire pit with your friends when society returns to normal. 

With return dates changing everyday quarantine can feel very trapping. But make the most of your “me” time.