Lizards Invade Georgia

Rafael Perez, Staff Writer

Recently, a lizard has been threatening Georgia’s wildlife. The Argentine black and white tegu, native to South America, is an invasive species that can grow up to 4 feet and can weigh about 10 pounds or more. According to, Tegus will eat the eggs of ground nesting birds such as turkeys and quails. Not only that but they will also eat the eggs of reptiles like alligators and tortoises which are protected species in Georgia. Typically Tegus don’t threaten people too much. If left alone they will not attack but if threatened they will strike you with their strong tail. They also have very strong jaws and sharp claws. It’s said that they got into the wild possibly by people having them as pets and releasing them into the wild. They are trying to take drastic measures to ensure that the spread of the Tegus doesn’t get out of hand and destroy local wildlife.