2019-2020 School Year Highlights

Danica Harf, Staff Writer

It is important during this unprecedented time to shine a light on some of the positive moments that made this school year memorable. Here are some of Parkland’s 2019-2020 highlights. 

1.)White Coat ceremony

This year, thirty students have completed the four years of biomedical Science classes, and were awarded certificates their completion of these courses. These students included Maximus Hernandez,Kayla Kinney, Samar Latefa, Elena Macchi, Emma Prehl, Dominic Rizzuto, Kyle Schantz, Grace Smith, Rose Tomy, Mari Adamson, Alyssa Bartczak, Punya Bhasin, Mia Ciliberti, Kiera Colon, Lydia Evangeline, Amanda Haddad, Audrika Khondaker, Jayant Kodam, Madison McElliott, Dante Medlar, Zachary Poremba, Aurianna Roche, Meghna Sequeira, Aubrey Stause, Catherine Balestrini, Julia Beman, Alexa Brinker, Abigail Cole,Ania Dudek, and Madison Evans.

Photo by Dev Patel

2.)Student vs. Teacher Basketball Game

Back in December,  the Key Club hosted a student vs. teacher basketball game in order to raise money for childhood cancer research.  The students, including Luke Dauberman, Zion Johnson, Ryan Zolotsky, Erica Steele, Sierra Marsteller, Mackenzie Kirchner, Ben Dobbs, Arianna Moninghoff, Peter Lambrinos, Zia Reed, Nicole Klass, Josh Mede, Chris Deitrich, Amanda Dait, Adam Mikolajczyk, Lauren Ceh, Cora Hochstetler, Riley Mang, Matt McLeod, and Junel Rodriguez,  lost 25- 52, but the students took pride in their efforts to raise awareness.

Photo by Abigail Sawyer

3.) Parkland Ice Hockey’s Championship win

Parkland defeated Northampton in a nail-biting championship match in February. The three scoring players of the game were Alex Doe, Eric Dennis, and Evan Marrone. 

Photo by Larissa Schwartz

4.) Pinkout Football Game

Not only was the student body able to raise awareness for breast cancer research, but The Parkland football team defeated Nazareth during the final moments of the game.

Photos By Abigail Shurman