• October 19Homecoming Update: Spirit Week will run from October 26th to October 30th. Monday (Disney Day), Tuesday (Tie-Dye Day), Thursday (Pajama Day), Friday (Class Color Day- Freshman: White, Sophomore: Black, Junior: Gray, Seniors: Red). There are two voting sessions for Homecoming Court: October 16th and October 21st. The court will be announced on Thursday, October 22nd. During the half-time of the Emmaus football game on October 30th, the court will be escorted around the track. Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at that point.

Some Modern Beauty Standards Causes Toxicity

Gianna Rivera, News Editor

October 16, 2020

With our world evolving in numerous ways through social media and the internet, millions of people see what they think are the perfect men and women. Models, actresses, singers, and other celebrities all influence modern beauty sta...

This chart represents other countries compared to us in terms of voter turnout. Chart founded and created by: Pew Research Center

Why don’t people vote?

October 2, 2020

Sustainable Fashion Taking the World by Storm

Gianna Rivera, News Editor

September 18, 2020

     In a modernized world filled with fast fashion and industrial clothing industries, sustainable fashion is starting to rise. The whole aspect of sustainable fashion vs. fast fashion has been of debate in recent years due to...