How to Fill Out Financial Aid Forms for College Admissions


Photo by Jake Wiener

 As seniors decide where they are going to attend college, they have to look at many aspects of the schools they are considering. With size, location, academic excellence, and price being some of the most important factors. Students must also figure out how to pay for college which is often an expensive endeavor. Applying for financial aid is one step towards funding one’s college education. The FAFSA, or Federal Student Aid form, provides a platform for students to be able to apply for financial aid. Listed below are the steps towards filling out the form along with a video that demonstrates the process of completing the document. 

  1. Create FSA ID
    1. This allows students to easily access their FAFSA form and will automatically upload personal information, such as your name, date of birth, and social security number, to the application. 
  2. Gather the documents necessary to apply
    1. Social Security number
    2. Parents Social Security number 
    3. Driver’s license (if applicable)
    4. Federal tax information
    5. Records of untaxed income
    6. Information on cash
      1. Includes savings and checking account balances, investments, etc.
  3. List the schools you are applying to
    1. This will guarantee that the schools you are applying to will receive your FAFSA information and consider you for financial aid. 
  4. For more detailed instructions on how to fill out these financial aid documents, visit 
  5. For visual step-by-step instructions, watch this video from the Federal Student Aid youtube
  6. Deadlines
    1. The FAFSA opened October 1st
      1. Fill it out as soon as possible to see if you qualify for financial aid
    2. Each college has its own deadline
      1. Look at the deadlines for the schools you are interested in attending to know when the FAFSA forms are due
  7. More resources are located in the class of 2021, schoology page, under Guidance, college and career folder, and then to the financial aid information, where you can find tips and other documents that will give you all the information to fill out the financial aid forms.