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2019-2020 Staff

Christian Dzema


Christian is a senior member of the Parkland Trumpet. Though heavily involved in writing, he also shows great interest in sports such as Cross Country and Track and Field.  A majority of his work falls under poetry and creat...

Maddi Haines


This is Maddi’s first year of being a part of the Parkland Trumpet. She enjoys writing about social / political topics and things that affect the school as a whole. In her free time she is a dancer on the Parkland Dance T...

Danica Harf


Danica is a junior and this is her first year with the Parkland Trumpet. She enjoys writing about what is happening in the world that would affect or interest the student body. In her free time she enjoys working with and ...

Jen Hernandez

Feature and Entertainment Editor

This is Jen’s second year in the Parkland Trumpet and is very excited for another year. She thoroughly enjoys the writing process and being engaged in the Parkland news. Very optimistic and outgoing assists Jen Hernandez ...

Caedyn Lipovsky

News and Editorial Editor

This is Caedyn's second year in Parkland Trumpet, and she is a junior. She enjoys creative writing, opinion pieces, and politics related news articles. In addition to this, she likes to freely express her opinions and write...

Rafael Perez


Rafael is in his second year in Parkland Trumpet. He enjoys fitness, music, and his friends and family is who he spends the most time with. Rafael was raised as a child in Puerto Rico and speaks fluent spanish. He likes to...

Ava Pugeda


This is Ava’s second year as a member of the Parkland Trumpet. She enjoys writing news articles and Parkland sports articles. In her free time, she enjoys running for the cross country and track teams, making memories wit...

Abigail Sawyer

Co-Editor in Chief

Abbie is a senior and this is her second year writing for the Parkland Trumpet. She enjoys foreign politics, fantasy novels and trying new things. She mainly writes news articles for the Trumpet but enjoys all aspects of ...

Abby Shurman


Abby, a sophomore is new to the Parkland Trumpet.  She enjoys writing about current events in the school and opinion pieces.  She enjoys various clubs and sports such as club med and tennis. She also enjoys listening to...

Mason Todora


Mason is new to Parkland’s Trumpet staff. He likes to write creatively and is interested in problems and politics. In his free time, he usually walks his dogs or reads. He is excited to start working with everyone in th...

Casey Tremblay

Co-Editor in Chief

Casey, a senior member of the Parkland Trumpet is entering her third year on a newspaper staff. Casey most enjoys writing stories that address important overlooked issues that she is interested in. She also enjoys photogra...

Jake Wiener

Sports and Business Editor

In his first year in the Parkland Trumpet, Jake was the PSPA State Journalism Winner in Newspaper Sports Writing. Jake is now in his second year of the Parkland Trumpet, and is looking to achieve even more. He enjoys sport...