What Are the Best Breakfast Combos?

Photo by Jake Wiener

Photo by Jake Wiener

Jake Wiener, Co-Editor in Chief

     Deciding what you want to eat in the morning can be a very difficult start to the day. As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, choosing the best breakfast combos can be a make or break for what kind of day you will have. Starting off the day with a healthy breakfast option will help people start the day off right. 

My ideal breakfast dish starts with a main entree of scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are high in protein as well as in Vitamin B and D, according to thespruceeats.com. Having a side of turkey bacon is a good alternative to regular bacon as it contains less cholesterol and less fat, according to spoonuniversity.com. Greek yogurt is a great source of calcium and potassium, according to webmd.com. To complete the breakfast combination, a glass of orange juice (I prefer no pulp however it’s a personal preference), helps improve heart health and provides the body with several antioxidants and nutrients that benefit the health of the body, according to healthline.com. 

     When conducting a survey on the trumpet instagram page, more people preferred an eggs and bacon combination than a cereal and milk combination. Another breakfast meal that was compared was oatmeal vs grits and potatoes, in which close to 75% of people preferred grits and potatoes over oatmeal. Choosing the best breakfast combinations isn’t the easiest task, but hopefully given this research on some of the most popular and healthy breakfast choices, this choice will be easier to make.