Parkland Dance Team Takes on the 20-21 Stage.


These pictures include both JV and varsity performing at a basketball game together last year. Photos taken by Steven Lee.

Angelina Vitale, Staff

     The Parkland Dance Team is thrilled to begin their new season for the 2020-2021 school year. They have started the season with 17 girls on varsity and 12 girls on junior varsity. The varsity captains this year are Victoria Miller and Nicole Gaffey. Both captains have been devoted to the team for 6 years. Coaching this year on varsity is Ryanne Pagliaro, and on JV is Rachel Lindsey. 


     There is so much more to a dance team than one may think. A school dance team is not only about dancing at basketball games or pep rallies; a school dance team is about forming bonds with others who share the same passion, while still spreading joy and making an impact on the community.


     “Dance is so important to my life. It’s a type of unspoken language and way to express yourself and your style,” said varsity captain Victoria Miller. “Although it may not look or be the same this year, we still plan on making an impact on the community and to spread some joy through our love for dance.”


     Every year, not only does the dance team perform for the school, but they also give back to their community. Traditionally, the team goes to the Sixth Street Shelter during the holidays to give toys and home goods for a family, or multiple families that they adopt that year. Both JV and varsity also enjoy performing their dances for the elderly residents at nursing homes. During these uncertain times, the Parkland Dance Team is unsure about what kind of community service they are capable of this season, but their goal is to resume their traditional services. 


     Team bonding is a key factor when it comes to the Parkland Dance Team. “Being on the dance team brought me so many new friends and I always feel so close to everyone.” said Nicole Gaffey, a varsity team captain. Miller also added, “one of our top priorities is keeping the bond between varsity and JV at a very close knit. We want every member of the team to feel included and to not divide the team, but rather represent ourselves altogether as the Parkland High School Dance Team.”


     In order to make sure that the team keeps a tight bond, they engage in multiple activities Some of these include games during practice, a two week summer intensive that consists of bonding activities between both JV and varsity, events like car washes to raise money while spending time with each other,a pool party every year before the new season starts, and of course, their end of the year banquet. 


     If anyone is looking forward to or interested in watching the dance team perform, they will be performing at both boys’ and girls’ basketball games this year. Usually, they also perform at pep rallies and Mr. Parkland, but it is hard to tell whether or not these events will happen this year. No matter what, the Parkland Dance Team will keep doing what they are most passionate about and bring joy to their community.