Squash Your Test Anxiety with these Tips and Tricks

Abby Shurman, Features and Trojan Corner Editor

Have you ever been nervous before a test? Is the online school situation causing you stress on your test-taking capabilities?  Many students struggle with test-taking regardless of preparation for the exam.  With the SAT, ACT, keystone exams,

Image of Peter Mercatelli studying for a test
Taken by Abby Shurman

and many more in full swing now is the perfect time to learn new skills on how to effectively quell testing anxiety.  There are many home remedies on how to cope with test-taking. Here are a few things that may help calm your nerves before a test.


  1. Make a test review sheet to look over
  2. Eat a full and healthy breakfast
  3. Get a full night sleep
  4. Set aside more study time
  5. Deep breathing for 2 minutes before the test to ensure relaxation
  6. Focus solely on completing the question you are on and then move to the next
  7. Don’t dwell on confusing questions to the point of extra stress; skip it and go back to it later
  8. Change your perspective from studying to do well on the test to studying to understand
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask the teacher for more specification if you are confused
  10. Stay positive


It is common to experience anxiety before a test, but these tips and tricks will help to calm your nerves and maintain your focus in order to ensure the best results.