Shots Fired at the Lehigh Valley Mall

Mason Todora, Entertainment Editor

Police arrived at the Lehigh Valley Mall Saturday, September 19th due to reports of an active shooter. At approximately 5:00 p.m the first reports of shots came from downstairs, near Hollister, a popular clothing store. As word got to the police, the building was ordered to go into full lockdown. Junior Isabella Landis was there when it happened. She describes what it all looked like, “all of a sudden people started running and I looked at my coworker and told her to run into the back of the store.” Eventually, the police secured the building and helped escort people outside. She also describes the scene outside, “so many people were outside filming on their phones and there were reporters asking questions to the people that were there.” Fortunately, there were no victims or injuries. The mall is now back open for business. 


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