Crushing School and Work Schedule Anxiety

Mason Todora, Entertainment Editor

Working a high maintenance job while keeping a balanced schedule can become very exhausting for anyone in high school. Writing from personal experience, students must have an effective approach to schoolwork especially when you work more than three days a week. If there is no plan in place to quickly finish schoolwork, it becomes very easy to fall behind. Writing out schoolwork and its order of importance by due dates helps keep students on track and prepared to space out work. For example, using the POMODORO technique – named after an Italian tomato-shaped timer – is very rewarding. Doing 25 minutes of work, and giving yourself 5-10 minute breaks in between provides an easier way for work to get done faster.

 It is to remain calm when you have an incoming due date for an assignment. Stressing can throw the brain off track and leave you frustrated and unable to put in the time needed to complete your work. 

With all of these tips, balancing a school and work schedule should become easier and less stressful than it needs to be. 


(photo taken by Mason Todora)