Analyzing the SATs

Mason Todora, Entertainment Editor

The SAT is a standardized test that students may take to demonstrate their preparedness for college. They can be very stressful and can require a great deal of tutoring to obtain a favored score. Although stress can be crippling for anyone, stress can be reduced by practicing online before the test. Khan Academy offers pretests that students can take in order to find out what they need to study and work on. People with certain disorders are also placed at a disadvantage while testing. ADHD and anxiety are just two ailments that can hinder the ability to take the test efficiently. Testing can be nearly impossible and it may be harder for certain people to keep focus. Although this may make testing hard, the college board offers certain advantages such as increased time on certain sections of the test and an earlier starting time,  for people with disabilities which can make test-taking much easier. Although the test can negatively impact lower-income communities, Parkland High School offers tutors from the National Honors Society to help those who need extra practice before the test. With all of the resources given to students both online and in-person, being prepared for the SATs is possible from anywhere.