A “Pandemic Safe” Thanksgiving


Madison Haines , Online/Opinion Editor

With the upcoming holidays, many people are eager to get out of their houses and see all of their friends and loved ones, but this is not a very good idea. The CDC has released many articles about the Covid-19 regulations and suggestions for holiday travels that can help aid family decisions for a safe and fun Thanksgiving holiday. Masks are still very strongly suggested  to keep you or your family from spreading the virus. Online or Virtual gatherings are a great way to keep eachother safe and still enjoy each other’s company on the holiday. A great idea is to have all of the family members stay at their homes with the members that live directly with them and set up a computer or device on your dinner table. WIth this it can feel like your loved ones are with you even though they cannot be on this day. Another great alternative is outside gatherings, being outside and keeping social distant helps lower the spread to others and with the warm weather sticking around this is a possible second option 


If you and your family still plan on gathering with family and friends here’s some topics to keep in mind to lower your risk of the spread of Covid-19. 

  • Community levels of Covid-19 
  • Location of the gathering 
  • Duration of the gathering, longer time spent with those infected can increase your chances of contracting the virus 
  • Number of people 
  • Location of those who traveled 
  • Behaviors of those attending 



There are many factors to consider when having people in your home who do not primarily live with you during a pandemic. The safest possible option according to the CDC is staying away from those who are more susceptible and staying home with your direct relatives. Through all of this families can become stronger knowing we are keeping each other safe and practicing social distancing. Wearing our masks can help us flatten the curve and help us get back to our daily lives and our loved ones.