How is the Entertainment Industry Working Around the Pandemic?

Even though there is a global pandemic, production in Hollywood is on the rise.  Many TV shows and movies have started or plan to start filming to put out content for shows and movies that we know and love.


 Shows such as The Bachelorette, Love Island, Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent and the Masked Singer have had weekly or semi-regular upleading.  These shows however are not going completely back to normal, they have enforced social distancing and frequent health screenings on set.  Masks are also worn by the crew behind the scenes and by the cast when doing things such as hair and makeup.


More anticipated movies such as the Spider-Man Far From Home sequel starring Tom Holland, Don’t Worry Darling starring Harry Styles, and Florence Pough have begun the filming process.  You can expect the next Spider-Man movie out sometime in 2021.  Don’t Worry Darling’s release date however has not been announced.


Another way film teams have maintained social distancing was by blocking off streets and areas for filming.  Spiderman 3 started filming in Brooklyn, New York, and blocked off a large number of blocks to try and keep the crew isolated from civilians. 


A little closer to home, the Parkland TV Studio has done a great job reassuming production and following social distancing guidelines while keeping our community up to date on school news.  One way the crew tries to reduce exposure to each other is by wearing masks when behind the camera, washing their equipment off more frequently, and staying further away from each other while in class.  Parkland News Studio also has online content on Instagram

Image of Parkland Studio during the live afternoon announcements (Abby )

and youtube to keep you up to date on everything in the Parkland community, check them out at @parklandTV&Film.