Best Colleges for Specific Majors

Best Colleges for Specific Majors

While many seniors are applying to colleges and anxiously waiting for their acceptance letters, here is some advice about the best colleges for certain majors. 

According to, If you are looking for a degree in business, In Pennsylvania ,the top school for a degree in business is the University of Pennsylvania, it is a private school with a 95% graduation rate but an 8% acceptance rate. While this school has a very low acceptance rate it has many  amazing programs and is number one in the state for their business degrees. The runner up-s for Pennsylvania’s best schools for business are Carnegie Mellon University and Villanova University. While the runner-ups for the best college for a business degree in the U.S as a whole are Massachusetts institute for technology and University of California Berkeley. 

For a liberal arts degree there are many great choices of colleges here in Pennsylvania, the number one school in PA for a liberal arts degree is Penn State University. states that Penn State has a 56% acceptance rate and is a very large school with many opportunities. The runner-ups for PA are Carnegie Mellon University and Kutztown University. The top three in the country are Amherst college, Williams college and Pomona University. 

The best college for a degree in education in Pennsylvania is once again Penn State University, according to, with the runner-ups of Swarthmore University and Kutztown University. The best in the country are Boston College, Vanderbilt University and Brigham Young University. 

Whether you are going to college for a business degree, a teaching degree, or going to law school there is a school out there that is perfect for you. There are so many amazing options to pick from for your career.