Everything You Need to Know About the New Season of The Crown

The Crown is a key symbol in Britain of the monarch


The Crown is a key symbol in Britain of the monarch

The world’s obsession with the royal family has reached a new level. Yes, anyone could do their research on Google or Brittania, but what better way to get a glimpse into their royally interesting lives than by watching it. 

The Crown is a historical drama that had its first appearance on Netflix in 2016. The first season took on the perspective of Queen Elizabeth II after the death of her father, King Geroge. Not only are you able to see her struggles as a woman in power, but you also bear witness to her conflicts with other members of the royal family. A few examples include her tense relationship with her sister Margaret and her disgust towards her uncle, the Duke of Wales after discovering his association with Nazi Germany. 

Currently, the fourth season is the one to watch if you enjoy talking about the political standpoint of England in the 1990’s, or simply love a good cinematic piece. 

“But it’s gloriously entertaining and so absolutely, impeccably well made and well-acted”

— Vulture writer Kathryn VanArendonk

This season, The Crown welcomes two standout figures: Princess Diana, also known as the People’s Princess, and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Without spoiling the entire season, it’s worth mentioning that it truly encompasses the struggles Margaret Thatcher endured as the first female Prime Minister in the UK, and the difficult, but somewhat romantic relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. 

As of now, the new season of The Crown has had such a reaction, good and bad, from its viewers, that there are already two new seasons that will supposedly be airing in the next year or so. What’s most exciting is that the showrunner, Peter Morgan, confirmed the fifth season with it revolving around the death of Princess Diana and the modern-day royal family.