Staying Active and Mentally Healthy During COVID-19

Mason Todora, Entertainment Editor

During this global pandemic, billions of people across the world have been under some type of lockdown. Staying home for too long can leave anyone feeling antsy, and what better way to get that energy out than through a workout? Even short 15-minute jogs can significantly improve physical and mental health. Everyone that works out knows the feeling of satisfaction after finishing a session. Consistent workouts, even three times a week, can be even more rewarding when results start showing.

 Cardiovascular exercises such as running and cycling are especially easy to do during the pandemic and can keep your heart healthy. The best way to loosen up before any type of workout is by stretching. Exercising without stretching before and after can lead to muscle sprains and even tears. Even stretching by itself without any workout can keep your body limber which is especially important when cooped up inside all day.

Eating healthy is another way to stay fit. Snacking less and eating more balanced and hearty meals is the most important step in the process. Drinking water is also extremely important, and most people do not drink enough water. About 5-8 cups of water a day is recommended in order to stay healthy and hydrated. With fluids in your system, it’s easier to fight off viruses and it keeps people feeling better overall. Staying mentally and physically healthy is extremely important especially during these unusual times. 

Photo taken by Mason Todora