What is Found to be Strange in America

Image by Nytimes.com

Image by Nytimes.com

What is strange in America to other countries. The U.S has many things that are different from other countries, many of them being basic parts of the American lifestyle. These unique practices are completely nonexistent in other countries.


One thing different in America compared to other countries is the currency used. Money is obviously a daily use all over the world, but the looks and amounts are not the same. American money is all one size and has the same color theme, while in other countries the size and color differ for each type/ amount of currency. According to insider.com, people from out of the country find it hard to understand our currency system, when all of it looks the same. 


Foreigners also do not understand why the U.S refers to themselves as “Americans” or call their country “America”. According to Insider.com, their confusion is because there are two continents, North America and South America, containing more than just the United States. 


Commercials are daily things seen through social media and on TV by everyone, but according to insider.com, commercials in America seem to be much longer in durations between a show or movie on TV. Also stated on Insider.com, is prescription/ nonprescription drugs being commercialized. A quote from a Reddit user taken from Insider.com states, “In the UK, your doctor tells you what drugs you should take, not the other way round”.


Another strange thing to foreigners is Americans drink coffee in large quantities, and on the go. According to Insider.com in Europe, they drink small amounts of coffee and do not carry coffee around with them. That is why they find it strange that Americans bring their coffee with them to places. 


Another misconception with foreigners is the way Americans write out the date. According to Insider.com, they do not understand why Americans write the date from month-day-year, while they write day-month-year. In news.com they explain that when Americans first colonized the land, they used the format of month-day-year. Since then they have decided to just keep the format.


According to Insider.com, in other countries, it is strange to take food home after eating at a restaurant. This is because in some countries it is found to be rude to ask to take the uneaten food home. One country that finds this to be extremely rude in France. According to Lifegate.com, they believe that the food left on the plate are scraps and not leftovers.


To Americans, these daily things are justifiable to their life, while other countries find it hard to understand compared to their daily lives.