Recapping the 45th Presidency

Listed below are some of the priorities and initiatives of the Trump Administration, all according to This serves as a impartial briefing of President Trump’s time in office:

  • Appointing justices to the Supreme Court and judges to the federal judiciary, improving health care for veterans, reducing the cost of prescription drugs, and solving the opioid crisis. 
  • He recognized Israel sovereignty over the Golan heights and moved America’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which is Israel’s capital.
  • One of his first orders of business was creating a tax reform bill as well as reducing federal regulations to lower the unemployment rate and create economic growth.
  • President Trump’s trade policies placed tariffs on the foreign production of aluminum and steel
  • He increased the budget of the US military and as commander in chief, and defeated the terrorist group ISIS.

These initiatives listed by White House are just some of the priorities that President Trump had when entering office in 2017. They are in no way a demonstration of support or opposition to the actions of the President, but rather a review of his initial priorities that the White House website provides.

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