P.A.L.S Club Inclusion Week

Inclusion Week is one week every year that takes place around the beginning of March. This year at Parkland High School it was celebrated from March 1st to March 7th. Inclusion week is a week to celebrate students who are members of the P.A.L.S Club, but it has become much bigger over the years. It is now a celebration of all of us and a celebration of our differences. 


P.A.L.S club’s communications director Ali Elesser talks about this year’s fundraising and celebration, “ This year for fundraising we held several dine and donates that raised money for miracle league and special olympics. Monday we did P.J’s and Wednesday we did Yo Fresh, we are continuing the festivities into this week with more dine and donates. This week we will be doing Back Home Bagels and Yo Fresh again. “ 


With COVID, this year’s celebration looked a little different. The P.A.L.S club advisors and staff worked hard to create a fun week filled with activities that focused on including everyone. The treasurer of P.A.L.S Club, Alexandra Kundek, talked about how they celebrated a little differently this year, “We finished off our inclusion week differently this year, we traditionally end the week with a dance with the P.A.L.S students but this wasn’t possible this year. Instead we held a zoom with all of the members that included a kahoot, just dance, and a photobooth room.”


The most important thing to remember about Inclusion Week is that it is not just one week, but the whole year. The essence of Inclusion Week is to remind us to be kind to one another and include everyone in school and outside of school. Reagan Kinney, Vice President, talks on this:  “Inclusion week isn’t just about the life skills kids and the P.A.L.S students, it’s about everyone in our school, bringing together people from all different parts of the school from the A-wing to the E-wing. It’s about showing support to the P.A.L.S club and everyone around us all year round”  The secretary of P.A.L.S Club, Makayla Brunnabend, takes a different look at the importance of inclusion week, “ It helps you realize that you’re a part of something bigger, just because it is extra celebrated one day doesn’t mean the little things don’t make a difference the rest of the year.