Women’s History Month Creates a Long-Lasting Impact

Every March since 1987, we have honored women with Women’s History Month, While this is a commerarable way to celebrate their contributions to society and advocating for their equality, women should always be celebrated and respected. They have been making history since the dawn of time, but they still deal with disparities and unequal opportunities. 


One of the most common issues discussed when it comes to gender inequality is the wage gap. According to Bustle.Com, in 2020, women earned 81 cents for every $1 a man made based on comparing the median salaries of men and women. It’s even worse for women of color, especially Latinas and Native Americans. There are definitely other factors that play a role such as the job title and years of experience. Thankfully, data from PayScale.com states that the gap has now narrowed to 98 cents for every $1 made by a man. However, this gap adds up to nearly $80,000 over the course of a career. 


The first step to moving forward is supporting women and recognizing that gender inequality does have a pivotal impact. This goes beyond the wage gap all the way to the general treatment of women compared to men through stigmas and stereotypes such as a woman having to take care of the household while the woman also goes to work  Find more information at Subtle Ways Men and Women are Treated Differently. The next step to moving towards equality is to take action and help by donating and learning more about different organizations that help women beat the status quo. Listed below are some incredible organizations that have helped women and their fight for equality. 


Global Fund for Women is a non-profit foundation that has been around since 1987, funding human rights initiatives for women. They use networking across the country to showcase the work of women who are building social movements and challenging the status quo. 

National Organization for Women is a feminist organization founded in 1966. It is  the largest organization of feminist grassroots activists in the United States that promotes feminist ideals, leads social change, and eliminates discrimination. 

National Women’s Law Center is a nonprofit inWashington D.C that uses the legal system to deal with discrimination and injustice against women. Its 100 Wins 100 Days campaign asks the Biden administration to prioritize political initiatives in order to protect women from the effects of the pandemic through ideas such as the Equality Act.

Women for Women International is a humanitarian group that provides moral support to women who are victims of war. They work in eight countries including Afghanistan and South Sudan. They aid women in conflict by providing skills, knowledge, and resources that create sustainable change for women, their families, and their communities. 

INCITE is a network of radical feminists of color who work to end violence in homes and communities as well as make change at the state level. They have created accessible activism toolkits to encourage mass organization against issues that impact women of color such as police brutality and gender violence. 

Image from People.com (Getty Images)