• October 19Homecoming Update: Spirit Week will run from October 26th to October 30th. Monday (Disney Day), Tuesday (Tie-Dye Day), Thursday (Pajama Day), Friday (Class Color Day- Freshman: White, Sophomore: Black, Junior: Gray, Seniors: Red). There are two voting sessions for Homecoming Court: October 16th and October 21st. The court will be announced on Thursday, October 22nd. During the half-time of the Emmaus football game on October 30th, the court will be escorted around the track. Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at that point.
Gianna Rivera

Gianna is a junior in her first year of writing for the Trumpet Newspaper and is looking forward to being the News Editor this year. She likes to write different pieces about fashion, politics, and any other current events. In her free time, Gianna likes to write, read, and paint. She owns her own dropshipping clothing business, partakes in fashion journalism/marketing internships, and is involved with the Literary Magazine as well as the track team at Parkland.

Gianna Rivera, News Editor

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Gianna Rivera