Parkland School District Celebrates 2020/2021 Retirees


Almost twenty different staff members have gone into retirement either this year or last year.

As summer approaches, schools are winding down to the end of the year, provoking lots of excitement for the long break received after a long year of hard work. This year is no exception. With battling a pandemic through approaching hybrid and fully virtual models, this year has been nothing short of interesting. Even with all of the chaos, we still managed to make it through safely and appropriately. 

With the end of the year approaching comes retirement for many staff members. After holding long careers in our education system, these incredible educators have reached the end of their journeys and are now on their way to retirement. Two teachers in particular highlighted what made Parkland so great. When asked, Donna Robertson, a Parkland High School teacher retiring this year, said “The best part of working at Parkland was the people and support from the top down.  I enjoyed working for the district immensely. The district, staff, and students have been a pleasure to work with.” Mary Redline also commented, saying that “The people I worked with and the students whom I was privileged to teach made this a special place for me.”

Congratulations to those who have retired last year and those who are retiring this year.

Listed below are Parkland’s retirees for 2020 and 2021.


Sue Baranek

Larry Ebert

Randy Hanna

Patti McDonald

Gary Maiatico

Lola Walter

Jeff Wetherhold

Bob Yocum

Mary Zeiner



Jim Kester

Cheryll Kosar

Dave Martin

Mary Redline

Donna Robertson

Beth Smith

Richard “Shu”  Shemonsky

Richard Sniscak