Trojan Spirit is Back in Class!

Parkland High School is known for having notable school pride. The halls are filled with murals, posters, and trophies that make everyone feel included, and sidewalks are occasionally decorated with colorful positive chalk notes. More and more school involved clubs are popping up this year since student involvement is rising again. One of them being the School Spirit Club, which is run by Ms. Sniezek. I had the honor of interviewing her and talking to her about the clubs’ activities.

Ms. Sniezek is an English teacher at Parkland High School and this is her first year teaching here. She previously taught in Virginia before coming to Pennsylvania. 

 She explained to me, “The School Spirit Club is a group of students who really want to help create a strong sense of school community.” Student participation is promoted graciously and involvement is the major focus of this club. This is also meant to help around in the community as well as other school-based events. 

During the interview, she also told me that she was the founder of the club and was asked by the school to take over. “Last year it turned out that it wasn’t super active. It had been started the year before Covid, and so a lot of students that were a part of the club either graduated or are just no longer a part of it”. She also states that she just doesn’t have the same club members as the year before, but the club is still rather new to Parkland High School. Hopefully there will be a better opportunity for new members to join this year.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Englebert: Pictured is School Spirit club leader Ms. Sniezek

Her main  plan for the School Spirit Club is to mainly advertise for other school wide events. She also plans for the sidewalks to be decorated to “let everyone know when they’re walking in each day the events coming up,” she stated. 

What she really finds cool about this club is that it is primarily student led and it lets the students brainstorm all together to come up with these great ideas. The students also have a better feel of what the entirety of the school wants to see.

If interested, club meetings are in room D120 and are held the first Wednesday of every month.