The Trumpet Gets Mushy for Valentine’s Day

The Trumpet held our first-ever love poem contest! Andrea Knapp and Maria DeLeon were the main poetry winners and their pieces are featured on the front page of our February edition. Snag a copy outside of the main office, in the library, or in your English class.

Featured below are the top 10 runner’s up for the contest. Enjoy the passion and emotion these students put into their poems! Thank you to all of the talented poets for your submissions and stay tuned for next year’s contest! ❤️









Unexplainable Love

By Julia Hayward 

Love is never what you expect
It comes in different shapes and sizes
It has stages and it changes over time
It can be felt towards an idea or a person or an objectLove is just love

Love hurts.
It changes how you like things
It tricks your mind into believing your heart
It seems to never go away once it arrives
Love hurts when it leaves

Love is amazing
It makes you smile
It lets you trust
It fills you up with laughter
Love tastes so sweet when it stays

Love is confusing
It can look different
It seems invisible sometimes
It can make you smile
It can make you lour
Love is complicated 

Love is a feeling I never want to go away
It is the thing I cherish most
It makes me feel Important
It although confusing makes me love

Love is love












By Lillian Anderson

that’s all we’ll be
you’ll never know
what i really believe
i’m in love with you
and i know you feel it too
i can’t tell you the truth
there is no proof
that you want me too
they are hurt
they are forgotten
they will always be
stuck inside of me
i don’t know why
i want u till i die
but i do
Do you?
i know i’m crazy
but if you gave me a daisy
i would fall
while I watch you play ball.
that’s what we would be
but are you good for me?
i want to try
we watch the stars
in the sky
like it’s only us alive
this will cause a lot
because i can’t be with you
but i want too
not now in the future
maybe it’ll work?
sad is what i’ll be
because this is all a dream
a wish
that won’t come true
because i’m in love
but i can’t have him
friends that’s all we’ll be











My Baby
By Alyssa Schiavone

At first, the love of my life was something I wanted to buy
Something I wanted to try
Once I saw a guinea pig, I wanted one
So I asked, and it was done

You were shy and had big eyes
Chubby cheeks too, a cutie pie
Then, that was it
I’d say “hi” when I’d pass by
And I’d give you carrots and hay everyday
But that was it
There was no connection nor aggression
But I wasn’t crazy about you
And you weren’t crazy about me
And for four years, that’s how it’ll be

But everything changed
when the virus maintained
I looked to you for comfort
Your soft coat and little pink nose had complete control of my soul
You could calm me down
Or you could stress me out
But that was okay with me
Because you became my baby

My love for you cannot be contained
It feels like I’ll burst without you by my side
So I’ll hold you in my lap
And ever
And ever
Even if you leak on me
Or scratch me
I’ll hold you forever
Because you are the love of my life
My baby










We Held Hands

By Francesca De La Vega

The night is young, our souls are old.
Your eyes felt bright, just like gold.
Your glowing charm brought me peace.
Now I sit waiting for your release.

I thought our ways would eventually connect.
Thinking now, it seems like a wreck.
I sit in silence, remembering the warmth of your hands.
For they shall touch my palms until daylight unbands.

“We held hands,” I used to say.
But not anymore.
Now, it feels like a fray.
So now I sit feeling still.
Wondering how I digested that pill.

So every chapter has a last sentence, right?
Every chapter can’t always turn out so bright.
We parted ways, but he was still charming.
“Oh, in another lifetime darling…”

I opened a new page, ready to read.
In prayers that this chapter wouldn’t make my heart bleed.
For I seeked the love and joy beyond the wind.
I could see how genuine he was when he grinned.

For his eyes were as elegant as a deer.
This is the man I really hoped for to appear.
Now, I would say that they held hands but,
That chapter belongs forever grand.

Love poem











By Heally Saltz

you see it all around
on paper and on the big screen
there is nowhere it can not be found
it can be a vital organ or a peculiarity
it can take a toll on your soul or elevate it to unimaginable heights
it can be benevolence or a barbarity
it taints and breaks
inspires and diffuses
it could be something you never want to partake
it is walking blindfolded in the darkness
It could make your whole body ache
Love is a dagger to the heart and a defibrillation














Love poem

By Makayla Brunnabend

In the beginning loving you was easy,
As sweet as a summer cone.
But as leaves fall from the trees,
I begin to see unfamiliar branches.
Out in the dying world, you seem to turn cold.

Things lost on the snowy streets,
Struggle to find each other’s warmth again.
Must they freeze and thaw?
Am I afraid of seasons changing, or you melting away from me?

I want to love all of you, for you’re a familiar summer breeze,
But when your shadow covers the sun,
Fresh air seems out of reach

Winter can be tough,
Your crisp air stings my throat.
But summer will return,
As your gentle wind will heal me.
I know I must love all seasons,
for one is not itself without the other.

Hot and cold are what makes love grow.
For they are different, but the same.
Both feelings feel pain.



Roses Have it Easy

By Carmen Cortes

Roses have it easy,

They get picked,
their thorns get cut,
and they get sent to a florist to be paid for as a last ditch effort of love.

They’ll either die in two weeks on a dreary coffee table covered in old pictures
because who the hell knows how to take care of roses,
or die on that heartbroken doorstep they were left on with your note ripped to shreds.

They’ll be doomed to be walked over every morning
Promised to be crushed by every package ordered under a new name
And stomped on by every new lover that could do what you couldn’t.

Can you blame them?

Roses just come into your life sometimes, you know?

They remind you when you wake up there could be beauty in your home
There can be a constant center piece that makes each day a little easier
You can be unstoppable with a vase of long lasting love.

But now they’re in your compost pile,
Wilting away with all of the other garbage taking up space in your apartment.
Slowly becoming the soil for new roses to grow.


Feminine Love

By Raina Powloski

girls love the idea of coffee but can never find a cup that quite satisfies them.
they love their favorite movie and books and sometimes it’s all that consumes their thoughts.
we love chocolate and eat it proudly ignoring the comments asking “you still have room for more?”
we love the moon and the stars and try to be kind to the earth whenever we can.
we love the spring and fall because they are seasons of change, seasons of opportunity, nothing stagnant, nothing extreme.
we learned to love pink and makeup and everything girly after years of ridicule.
we learn to love the pain we inherited from our mothers and try to laugh with her when we can. we love to be perceived as honey or something floral or anything else nature crafted for her own.
we love the tides because we sympathize with the ocean’s anger, the crashing it makes hitting the shore.
we love eating the apple because we are deeply embedded with the need to have our questions answered, our ambitions tested, our curiosities resolved. should we be shamed and blamed when you were the one who, without question, answered our call to bite?
but even through heavy hurricanes and winters that adam caused we still climb out of our hobbles, our bunkers, our cells, never wavering in our resilience.
because girls love simply, plainly, and honesty. we love with reminders in our chests, understanding in our heads, and no shortage of sincerity in our hearts.














Remembering you

By Esha Bains

Remembering You
When the cherry blossoms fall,
I remember you
I remember my love for you
I remember heartbreak
You were my undoing
You were my everything
As the petals fall,
The woman under the tree
Appears to be otherworldly
As the sun rises,
The woman disappears
Like a ghost
Into the darkness
Was she ever really there
Or did I miss her too much to move on
No one loved you more than I
The memory of you will stay with me forever
But as the petals lay on the ground, I greet the new day
With the hope of loving someone else With the hope of moving forward
I welcome new beginnings
I welcome a new love
I welcome happiness and unhappiness
When the cherry blossoms fall,
I am prepared to feel pain and joy
As I try to love again
As I walk into a new day


The boy down the street

By Donatello Guzman

I see the boy down the street
The one with a pretty smile
The boy down the street
The one who turns up his nose at the idea of being hostile

The boy that loves his peanut butter m&m’s
And would go the extra mile for his friends
The boy that helps as much as he can
And tries his best to make everyone smile time and time again

I see the boy that hums to himself
The boy that makes sure no one feels left out
The boy that takes note of everything around
And answers questions in class without a hint of doubt

I don’t know if what I feel is love
But I know to the rest, I hold him high above
He’s why I do so well on tests
And is the reason I always strive to do my best

I see the boy down the street
And often wonder if he sees me too
I hope he takes note of my efforts
And sees how great he can do

I hope that he hears
When I say I’ll always be near
Oh, the boy down the street?
Yes he is the one I hold so dear