Jared Sussman, your 25th Mr. Parkland and more!


10 contestants geared up for the 25th Mr. Parkland pageant here at Parkland High School. No two contestants were the same and they put it to work to have a spectacular show filled with talent and emotion. The gentleman that came out on top was theater enthusiast Jared Sussman. Runner up was football star Noah Rode, and third was Prianshu Dey. The photos speak for themselves and they don’t even compare to the talents and acts they performed for the audience.. There was singing, piano playing, mannequin dancing, and glowing jump ropes. The guys brought a little bit of everything to the stage! 


Your 25th Mr.Parkland Jared Sussman explains, “Mr.Parkland was one of the best experiences. Every week we got to rehearse with 10 kids who exemplify what Parkland is all about; we got to bring everyone together and put on a legendary show!”

The final announcement!

Runner up Noah Rode says, “Mr. Parkland was a very enjoyable event and regardless of the competition. Everyone there was having so much fun. It is a must do for upcoming seniors.”


With his mannequin dance partner, Jamian Roman states, “I loved Mr. Parkland. I made new friends who really helped me get comfortable dancing and singing and it led me to having an even better time. Being on stage and the energy from the crowd kept me going and I wouldn’t change a single thing that happened that night.”


Top five Mr. Parkland contestant Wesley Englebert says,  “Mr.Parkland was everything I had hoped it would be. For four years Mrs.Yenser hyped it up and she did not downplay it. It is by far one of the best experiences of my high school career.”


Third place Priyanshu Dey states, ”Mr.Parkland is one of the best experiences that I took part in. Regardless of the competition, the experiences of laughter and making new bonds with both the contestants and everyone that helped, was something I could never forget. I really am thankful that I did Mr. Parkland.”


Dancing his way onto the stage was Justin Minyety, saying, , “The experience was amazing, it exceeded all of my expectations, everything I thought it would be like and more. The experience let me make new friends with people I would’ve never thought I would have been friends with. it was so fun I couldn’t stop smiling about the experience after it was over even though I didn’t get top 5.”

The 10 Dazzling Mr.Parkland contestants.