World Language Week


Photo courtesy of Gigi Rivera. Students enjoy salsa making in celebration of World Language Week.

World Language Week is an annual, week-long celebration of world culture and language that is enjoyed by all throughout the Parkland School District. This year, students at Parkland High School had various opportunities to embrace and share the wonders of different cultures through events such as salsa making, banner decorating, and Croque Monsieur assembling.

Kailyn Peng, an officer of PHS’s French Honor Society, explained how she “will be celebrating World Language Week by going to the events for the week. Specifically for French, we are having a French cooking lesson for Croque Monsieurs.” Croque Monsieurs are a delicious French sandwich made with ham and cheese. Peng also shared her take on why learning a language is a vital part of many students’ high school experiences: “The benefits of learning a language are you not only learn the language but the culture that comes with it. It can benefit you in the future because it sharpens the mind, and in school learning a language with peers is a fun experience and a great way to make friends.”

Even if students do not participate in a language course at school, everyone still gets to appreciate the bightly decorated banners that cover many classroom doors throughout PHS. Most language classes offer banner decorating as an in-class activity, and both students and teachers cherish the colorful displays that bring life to the hallways.

Photo courtesy of Jess Benninger. Everyone entering Parkland High School is greeted by vibrant banners celebrating culture during World Language Week.

World Language Week holds incomparable and enjoyable festivities for students of all grades, backgrounds, and languages, and Parkland surely would not be the same without it.

Photo courtesy of Gigi Rivera. Students enjoy salsa making in celebration of World Language Week.
Photo Courtesy of Alexis Benninger. Bryana DeJesus and Diana Ruiz decorate banners in Mrs. Vannatta’s Sign Language 1 class.
Photo courtesy of Jess Benninger. Juniors Riva Kaneria and Varsha Borkar celebrate World Language Week by wearing cultural dresses.