Going Green for Earth Day


Earth Day is a special day to commemorate the health of the Earth and to encourage better care of the planet. On Saturday, April 23, there will be an Earth Day event held at the Allentown Arts Park. This event will celebrate over fifty years of the introduction of Earth Day in 1970. The theme of this year’s Earth Day event is “Invest in our Planet.” They are asking participants to invest their time, ability, and possibly money to help continue the protection and preservation of the health of our planet. The event site reminds us that our individual choices matter in the grand scheme of preservation of the Earth. They suggest people to attempt to reduce the use of non reusable plastics and invest in some reusable bottles/containers to cut down on the amount of waste you produce in your daily life. It is important to participate in Earth Day to protect and maintain the planet as a whole. With pollution on the rise, it’s crucial that we take part in Earth Day to let the Earth heal.

Several activities and projects are being held at Parkland to honor Earth Day. In the library, students and staff are invited to make their own potted plant from various seeds. The atriums will be revitalized throughout the spring–stay tuned!

Let’s go Parkland! Let’s take care of our planet together!