Brightening up Parkland with the knowledge of holiday lights

What brings the bright holiday spirit during the winter seasons? Lights of course! The sparkle, shine, glimmer, gleam, beam, and shimmer illuminate the night skies to fill the darkness with a purpose for the holiday season. 


Holiday lights create a story for the eyes to follow a colorful path of wonderful fantasy; it expands the mind’s imagination to the spirit within holidays. Some of these lights include:

mini string lights, wide-angle LED mini lights, large-bulb lights, battery-operated lights, animated and color-changing lights, net lights, icicle lights, LED rope lights, and more. The list is endless!


As the holiday season is upon us at Parkland High School, The Trumpet staff has taken it upon themselves to do a little digging within our school, and ask a few students their take on holiday lights.


Genesis Pineda is a senior, and her favorite lights are flashy and colorful lights. She says they make her feel happy and remind her of the nearing of the winter season (a.k.a her favorite season). Another student, Shawn Venet (11th grade), said his favorite holiday lights were the white and blue colored lights as they remind him of the days he would visit Christkindlmarkt. Juliessa Nipper (9th grade) loves the colorful lights that fill the air; holiday lights remind her of the joyful moments she has spent with family and the feeling of comfort surrounding those memories.


The students interviewed agreed that the best place to view holiday lights is “Lights in the Parkway” in Allentown near Cedar Beach. It began November 25th and will continue up to December 31st (closed on Christmas); their hours are 5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Have a safe and wonderful holiday season!