Getting down with the dance team

Now that the basketball season has arrived, our Parkland Dance Team has been keeping us on our toes during their halftime performances. Literally. As they enter their 21st season, this dedicated group of dancers has tons in store for the new year. Kelly Kearney, a senior at Parkland High School, was able to tell us just how much work goes into the catchy choreography. 

Entering her 5th year on the dance team, as well as attending Accent School of Dance, Kelly has earned a captain position on the team. As a leader, Kelly understands the importance of working as a team. The girls meet for an hour and a half twice a week and during these sessions, things can get difficult. “Having a creative dance while catering to all the different dancers we have on the team is hard to do,” said Kelly. Creating a dance takes a lot of work behind the scenes. “We all need to work together when given choreography.” Formations are made at random or seniors will be in the front because they have been there the longest. Whoever gives 110% will be front and center. Kelly emphasizes that “hard work means everything” to this team. 

Throughout the rest of the school year, there will be many activities where you can catch the dance team in action. January 27th will be Senior Night for boys basketball. “Not only is it important to recognize the seniors and all their hard work, but the other senior girls and I get to perform a dance that we choreographed ourselves,” exclaimed Kelly. You can also look forward to seeing the dance team perform at Mr. Parkland on February 4th. 

Make sure to support our dance team and stay tuned to watch their upcoming unique routines. Keep strutting your stuff girls!