Sip the Valley

Smoothie Edition

Trumpet staff tries Playa Bowl smoothies from their Center Valley location.

Trumpet staff tries Playa Bowl smoothies from their Center Valley location.

The Trumpet staff took a different approach to our regular Eat the Valley segment, with Sip the Valley! The staff was not as pleased as expected by the five smoothies from Playa Bowls; however, it was a fun bonding experience. The tasting was originally scheduled for Valentine’s Day, but after a series of unfortunate events that delayed it, the staff was able to complete their tasting and reviewing of these smoothies on February 15th.
Here is the staff’s ranking of best to worst smoothies, plus their thoughts on each one.

  1. Açaí Energy Smoothie
    The staff thought this smoothie was refreshing and sweet, with a unique taste that made it stand out from the rest!
  2. Aloha Smoothie
    This smoothie was sweet, without an overpowering taste. The mango was detectable, adding uniqueness that was lacking in some of the other smoothies.
  3. Booster Smoothie
    This smoothie was thicker than the rest, with a slight peanut butter taste. However, the banana was extremely overwhelming and made the peanut butter less obvious.
  4. Green Smoothie
    This smoothie wasn’t “smooth,” and was a little too chunky. The taste wasn’t bad, but the vibrant green color was a bit off-putting.
  5. Pink Pitaya Smoothie
    This was not the staff’s favorite smoothie, as it had barely any taste and did not meet anyone’s expectations.

The staff enjoyed the vibrant colors and interesting flavors, with some being more pleasing to the palate than others. While not meeting staff expectations, the experience was fun and exhilarating. With locations in Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Center Valley, there are many opportunities to visit this beach-themed smoothie bar. Next time, the staff would like to try smoothie bowls, rather than regular smoothies, in hopes of redemption.

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