Sustainable Fashion Taking the World by Storm

     In a modernized world filled with fast fashion and industrial clothing industries, sustainable fashion is starting to rise. The whole aspect of sustainable fashion vs. fast fashion has been of debate in recent years due to the socio-economic and environmental benefits that sustainable fashion gives but fast fashion does not as well as the changes that need to be made in order to succeed. 

      With sustainable fashion, the clothing industry can evolve into something that is not only environmentally beneficial but socio-economically beneficial as well. Sustainable fashion has created a healthier and more stable way to manufacture clothing. 

      When it comes to the environmental aspects, the sustainable fashion industry established the Green Strategy that includes various work to improve all aspects of product manufacturing including design, raw material production, marketing/final sale production, and the recycling and remaking of products. According to My Sister’s Closet, “95 percent of clothing that is thrown away can be reused or recycled.” Another shocking fact about this can be the amount of clothing thrown away compared to the percentage. The Battered Women’s Support Services wrote an article about the negative effects of fast fashion and said that for 2019, “In Canada, the average person throws out 81 pounds of textiles annually, while North Americans send 9.5 million tons of clothing to the landfill every year.” This number has increased by almost 2 million tons since then. Those wasted clothes could be used for better purposes whether that goes towards sustainable fashion or other industries that would need polyester or cotton-like materials.

     In correlation to the socio-economic aspect of sustainable fashion, the Green Strategy that deals with environmental control also includes working with marketing, transportation, and storage to make the conditions better. Sustainable fashion involves better working conditions in place of fast fashion workers in the garment industry being underpaid and working in sweatshops. The socio-economic aspect also includes better transportation methods and helps create good working ethics. With the entire Green strategy, there are numerous benefits to help the environment and improve socio-economic factors. 

     Overall, with sustainable fashion starting to rise against fast fashion-thanks to social media along with the internet as a whole- there is a whole new branch of fashion for creators who want to do good for the world while doing what they love. Sustainable fashion is becoming a healthier, newer, and trendier path for the fashion industry.


This is a chart created from informational fashion sources like Harper’s Bazaar and Minimalism Made Simple which gave details on brands to try or avoid.
*Chart created through Infogram*