The Top 2020 Fashion Trends that should be Dumped in 2021

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Gianna Rivera, News Editor

Every year, fashion becomes bolder and more etched into everyday life. Numerous trends are upheld throughout the year and while some of them are great, others seem to not fare so well. This past year just showed how amazing fashion could potentially be, whether through grunge’s return to sweater vests. 


Sure, this year brought plenty of good trends such as oversized leather jackets, chains, tennis skirts, and collars under crew neck sweaters, however, a vast amount of the trends were atrocious. Here are five trends that should be dumped after 2020.


  1. Fringe

Right before the pandemic started, multiple brands such as Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander, and Dior, all showcased fringe, hoping to make it become a trend. It was shown in different mediums such as tops, purses, skirts, and jackets. However, once the lockdown started, fringe never got a chance to take off, and thank goodness it didn’t. 


2. Tiny Handbags

Designer Simon Porte Jacquemus launched this micro bag idea at the end of 2019. They cost anywhere between $345 all the way to $795. The ideal tiny handbag is around four inches wide and comes with a very thin shoulder strap. However, they come in even smaller sizes that just become more impractical. Overall, the tiny handbag is useless and should stay behind in 2020. 


3. Tiered Dresses

Now, this is where we’re going to get controversial. In the summer of 2020, Cottage Core became big and tiered dresses along with nap dresses became the jewel of cottage core. With Cottage Core, came tiered dresses. These dresses are very flowy and long and come in multiple colors. What makes these dresses unique is the inseams shown horizontally on the dress in three spots. Tiered dresses can be nice if they are styled or done right. Otherwise, they can look like colored potato sacks with three to five lines of stitches on the outside. This trend may stay around for summer, but it really should go back to last year. 


4. Corsets

The majority of 2020’s fashion trends were done out of comfort. Corsets were not one of them. They can be incredibly constricting and if they are styled wrong, they look odd and out of place. There are so many other ways to look flattering without pushing your ribs and organs inside. 


5. Crochet

This 70s inspired trend is by far one of the worst trends of 2020. Featured on many Spring/Summer 2020 runways such as Fendi and Marni, crochet fashion has expanded into not just scarves, but also tops, skirts, and swimwear. The material of crochet is rather hard to handle due to it being hand-wash only along with it being thick and uncomfortable at times. The patterns involved with crochet more often than not are completely unflattering. Crochet is inconvenient and should definitely stay back in 2020.


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