Snow Days are Taking a New Turn

In lieu of the Coronavirus, many school related policies have changed, such as snow days. As stated by Superintendent Richard T. Sniscak,  “Parkland School District will transition to eLearning on any day when wintry weather causes enough concern that our school district must cancel transportation services for the day.” These days would go on a normal “A Schedule” and more live instruction through Google Meets and Zoom sessions would be held. 


This was implemented in order to maximize time during the school year so there would be less interruptions. However, there have already been three days this year where there was no school due to inclement weather. This means that if there were any more full days off, days would be added to different portions of the year such as the end. 


When asked about her personal opinion on e-learning snow days, senior Jessica Southgate-Sands said, “I feel like while they are more efficient, today’s generation is missing out on that amazing feeling of seeing the snow then falling back asleep knowing you don’t have school.”  I agree with the falling back asleep realization since it feels nice to get some extra rest. 


Freshman Maddie Driscoll said  “I miss having regular snow days since I used to love sleeping in. It was nice to get an occasional day off and go sledding with friends.”  I also used to miss getting to enjoy snow days with my friends who lived in the neighborhood and throwing huge snowball fights with them. 


I personally do not mind the e-learning snow days because it gives me something to do when I am snowed in. I know that going forward from now until the end of the year, e-learning snow days will be used and to me, that is perfectly fine. However, I do miss having ordinary snow days where I got a day to relax. 


Image taken by Gianna Rivera